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a group of males at palo alto high school who originally started out as a small group of boys which has now grown in size.
these "track boiz" are not known for running track...rather more of "running the game" or to most "huslin"
the origanl group of boyz were "cool" and "popular" one could say.
according to observation, these boys have collected other boys into thier "group", "clique" whatever they classify themselves as and have turned into a group of nonsense, more of a.....i guess some would say "a gay group of boys."
due to the graduation of high school, these boys, AKA "gay group of boys" have just become..well even more gay.
person a-"hey did you see the track boiz the other day?"

person b-"who?"

person a-"you know the track boiz?"

person b-"no, sorry i dont know how you are talking about.."

person a-"oh thats right, you might know them as that group of boys at paly, the ones at the wall? you know that gay group..?"

person b-"oh right, well i thought you ment something else, ya they are gay, espicially that radio guy!"
(they both laugh and walk to the student center)
by Barb A. Que December 03, 2008
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