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When two people stack up in any game and qwning the shit out of an unsuspecting |\|00|3.
by EMILIO ESTEVEZ November 10, 2002
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Tower of Death is a bar game. Game is played with 2 or more people. Roll a dice. If designated number is rolled that player picks a beer. Repeat except then it's a coaster, short cocktail, coaster, bomb shot, coaster then shot. Now we go down. Who ever rolls designates number drinks the shot, next roll, removes coaster, drinks bomb shot, removes coaster and so on and so forth unroll we get to whomever rolls the beer dice. Now we stop and when ever the player who rolled that number touches the glass everyone except he or she slamming the beer rolls for the same designated number. Whom ever doesn't roll the number before the beer is slammed has to buy the round or if there's a tie the round is split. If the chugger doesn't finish before everyone rolls the designated number, the chugger buys.
Tower of Death is a bar game gauranteed to make memories!
by Dhickies June 29, 2017
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