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When someone is deeply fried, well done past burnt and has slid quietly into the zone. This special soul has checked out. They can breathe and maybe burp a bit, little more though. They are on the other side of the counter now. Total hamburger.
Vrin: "Man you are fucked up dude." "You've ceased being human."
Jadu: "I know." (Spoken slowly.)
Vrin: "You resemble landfill now."
Jadu: "I know." (Spoken very slowly.)
Vrin: "Dude, you are fucking hamburger." "Like total hamburger."
Jadu: "I know." (Barely audible.)
Vrin: "Dude, do you want a donut or a beer?"
Jadu: "I know." (No audio now.)
by jethrojones September 02, 2012
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