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The most beautiful woman i have EVER had the blessing of meeting.

A genuinely loving, free spirited soul. She adores the wonders of nature. She is creative and plays multiple instruments, writes, paints like a Child. She also loves reading books!

Oh, what a childlike, virtuous soul. Jesus has made you well and we are the perfect match. You may not know this, but I pray for you a lot in my journal.

Continue living childlike and never forget how much Jesus yearns to know you deeply. I promise when we marry that we will never stop seeking Jesus with all our hearts everyday.

We will actually grow stronger in our faithful love towards Him. He will always be our everything everyday. We will live a countercultural life against the dead ways of this plastic world. We won't be tamed by money, careers, earth, society, or any government!

We will live a simple life obedient to the counsel of Jesus. He will continue to be our teacher in all things, our friend, father, and King! Free spirited children of God Almighty! While I can assure you that I look forward to our marriage, I am having a wonderful time getting to know Jesus on a real intimate level here!
tori marie is the girl for me :)
by dandelionSky December 13, 2013
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