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Sixty-nine or 69, additionally known by its French name soixante-neuf (69) is a gathering of sex positions in which two individuals adjust themselves so that every individual's mouth is close to the other's privates, performing oral sex at the same time.

The members are in this manner commonly positioned like the numerals 6 and 9 in the number 69, subsequently the name.

This position can include any blend of sexual orientations.

Varieties of the 69 positions incorporate common anilingus or "twofold rimming", and the useo f hands on either partner's butt or vagina. In these positions, the people are said to encounter sexual incitement all the while, however, this can likewise occupy the individuals who attempt to concentrate singularly on pleasuring themselves. The position can be ungainly for partners who are not similar in stature.

The Kama Sutra says this sex position, though via an alternate name: "When a man also lady rests in a personalized request, i.e. with the leader of the one towards the feet of the other and carry on mouth congress, it is known as the 'congress of a crow'. Essentially, in this position the two individual bodies takes over the state of the number 69 with one individual lying on their back and the other confronting the inverse route/upset on in order to at the same time perform "oral" sex-one. It doesn't make a difference who is on the top or if it is more "stooped over" (or yet on their sides).
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