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a nigga who is just so ghetto and boogie they can't understand what you're talking about. they don't know what it's like to do everyday things such as when you say you toast bread in a toaster, she doesn't understand what you're talking about because all her life she has toasted bread on top of foil outside in the sun.
Teacher: Where do you cook vegetables class?
Girl: In a deep fryer.Teacher: Is you serious?
Girl: Is there something wrong with that?
Teacher: *Annoyed face* Gtfo my class nigga you too black to comprehend.

Boy: You wanna have sex?
Girl: Is that the same as sucking dick because I do that all the time.
Boy: You wanna have REAL sex?
Girl: Is that not real sex?
Boy: Forget it. You too black to comprehend.
by chacha_JOYask December 30, 2013
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