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"The vessel, or vehicle with the greatest gross tonnage has the right of way."

Based in part on the navigation rule about ships restricted in ability to maneuver and how other ships need to stay away. And the reality of if there is a collision between two or more vehicles the smaller vehicles will take more damage than the larger vehicles. And that greater amount of damage is shared with the occupants of the smaller vehicle.
Smart car v. F-350 crew cab pickup. Pickup driver is shook up and possibly bruised from the airbag, they can walk away. Smart car driver is in the ambulance on the way to the hospital with multiple fractures and or internal injuries. Moral of the story, violating the tonnage law will end up in pain & suffering. Even though you may have the right to be where you are, the right will not protect you from harm.
by Dammitmon July 10, 2011
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