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'Radical' guitarist with Rage Against The Machine.
Used the guitar as a 'sampler', in that he could make it go 'woo woo' like a siren. Then proceded to use pedals and feedback to make pretty unimpressive noises.
Wore a cap that said 'Commie', which juxtaposed with the millions of dollar he earnt from three albums etc with RATM. His comments that his band signed to Epic was because they wanted to destroy the machine from the inside, was obviously very naive bullshit.
Now with a very bland, unadventurous, Middle Of The Road band called Audioslave.
Tom ruled on the first RATM album, what he was doing was unheard of before, even the follow up was incredibly different.
Used long words in interviews to sound intellegent.
Tom Morrello says "The youth feel disenfranchised..." or something
by SMiek April 03, 2006
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