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A public High school in Warwick, Rhode Island. Student population of about 1,200. It’s all the kids who went to Cedar Hill, Drumrock, Greenwood, Scott, Wickes, and Robertson combined. You go to middle school at Winman Junior High School if you live in the Toll Gate District. Most of the teachers here suck at their jobs, with the exception of a handful. Out of the three public schools in Warwick, Toll Gate probably has the nicest campus, which isn't saying much considering minimal renovations have been made since it opened in the early 70's. There is a separate hallway for every grade’s lockers, with seniors getting their own in a separate building from the other three classes. The sports at TG are usually decent, with one or two Division I teams. Best football team in the town besides Hendricken. A tradition for Toll Gate atheletes is painting the rock that is on the hill leading up to the school with their names, sport, sayings etc. During the school year, fights happen about once a week, usually between some freshman kids who think their badass over a girl or something else stupid. There is a cop specially assigned to this school because of it, as well as the constant smoking and drug use there. Some of the kids who go here say they hate it, but once you become a senior and realize you’ll have to leave most students start to like it. The kids at Toll Gate know how to party and get away with doing things against the (very few) rules there, so most of the time there is a way to have a good time.
Winman Kid #1: I can’t wait to get out of this shithole and get to Toll Gate High School next year

Winman Kid #2: Same here dude, I can’t wait to be a Titan.

Girl #1: Oh, sucks that you have to go to Toll Gate next year.

Girl #2: Yeah, but at least it’s not as bad as Vets or Pilgrim.

Pizza Guy #1: Hey, It’s another kid from Toll Gate ordering pizza from class

Pizza Guy #2: Yeah, make sure you deliver it to the back parking lot door.
by titan12 May 19, 2009
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A fat, dirty or ugly chick or mole with hot friends. To get access to the hot friends you must spend the time and money passing through the toll gate.
Toll Gate: If you don't pay no toll u get stuck with the mole and can't get to the hot hole.
by Jak-diz and white stripe May 08, 2007
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A fugly/fat hoe whose only function in life is to act as a pathway to her attractive friends.
Tim: I saw you hanging out with that fat wreck Sarah on the weekend, what's up with that?

James: She's a Toll Gate buddy, i'm only in it for her friends!
by Jack Pearson May 21, 2007
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