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Toilet Paper People are people who either wipe their asses with toilet paper hoping no turds get on their hands in the process or use someone else to do it because they can not find a better method or think of a better method. Normally these people are found wherever there are lots of disease or on the outskirts of it.

The one's who have other people wipe their ass for them are considered BETTER than the one's who have to clean up the shit for them. The problem and challenge is without an ass cam they are crazy for bending over with a dirty ass wiper behind them. Who knows how many asses the dirty ass wiper has touched and using toilet paper always leaves room for a slip of the finger or someone else's germs to get in + sabotage.
John: Hey look its Norman, did you know his wife cleans his asshole for him?

Paul: Ohhh that's gross, I just watched her eat a roast beef and american cheese sandwich with mayo that fell on the floor right after she picked up dog shit from her dog, touched all the railings in the building and went to the garbage room twice to rearrange the garbage for the people on her floor.

John: awww nasty.

Paul: No wonder why he thinks his shit don't stink.

John: Gross-Ass Toilet Paper People. When do they evolve?
by KingOfTheBlindSlaves October 07, 2010
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