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Tilea is an amazing friend that knows when something is wrong with someone and knows how to cheer you up and help you. Tilea also fucks poptarts and likes shoving sporks up peoples ass and they are a human-cat and they do weird shit with there friends bUt they don't get as much roblox pussy as Jake does. They blast porn in the middle of the night when they are with friends. TILEA IS A TiCc BiTcH sHeS tHiCcEr ThAn AnYoNe yOu WiLl EvEr mEeT. If your there best friend your lucky because YOU HAVE A AMAZING FRIEND THAT IS A HUMAN-CAT AND A THICC BITCH THAT SHOVES SPORKS UP PEOPLES ASS AND FUCKS POPTARTS. TILEA👏IS👏AMAZING
You shover sporks up his ass and your a human cat and a thicc bitch that fucks poptarts? TILEA ITS YOU!
by CrrankThatPhan May 23, 2018
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