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From the fuckpuddle that was Chris Rock's cinematic career (see also: your usual Wanda Sykes appearance) in Down to Earth, the character Lance Barton played by Chris Rock proclaims his newly-bestowed wealth by shouting "Tiger Woods Y'all!" It can be used to indicate a biracial condition, being annoying as thick piece of shit in a shallow bucket on the golf course, promoting Buick automobiles, wearing red shirts on Sundays and more. Ever since his infamous car crash in November 2009, the term can now be used in relation to sexual infidelity, sexual promiscuity and sex therapy.

For expressional clarity, is often followed by quotes from the Chappelle Show's masterful treatment of the legendary Rick James in 'Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories.'
After getting nowhere with the bitches at the sorority party last weekend, I decided to buy some new clothes, get a haircut and pretend like I had money. This time, I'm gonna show up, kick the door in and shout "tiger woods y'all - it's a celebration bitches!"

My roommates bet my black ass I couldn't get with this twat from South Carolina because she's racist. Once I got her back to my dorm room and ravaged her Confederate cunt, I opened the window and shouted into the quad "tiger woods y'all!"

After sinking the last putt and winning the bet, I obnoxiously yelled "tiger woods, y'all - I'm one of the baddest motherfuckers of all time!"
by kridk February 24, 2011
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