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Poor looking, unkept, dirty person. So dirty they look as if they have been performing manual labor digging dirt.

"Origin of the word is from southeast Missouri."
You better get cleaned up, because, I don't want to be seen with you looking like a tiff digger!

I got to buy some new clothes, so I don't look like a tiff digger!

Those boys down the street looked like a couple of tiff diggers.
by Tiff Digger September 14, 2017
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Many peoplle who worked in the mines around Potosi Missouri were referred to as Tiff Diggers. The tiff was the red clay rock in the mines that was separated the lead ore for production which stained clothes, and turned the ground red around the mines when it rained.
Get on some clean clothes, I dont want you to look like one of thpse tiff diggers during church.
by Tiff Digger November 24, 2017
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