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The Tier 0.5 quest is a long ass quest line for shitty gear in the game World of Warcraft. It is an exceptionally time consuming, in some cases difficult, and costly chain that involves a 45 min. UD strat run halfway through, not to mention close to 300g in expenses (if your lucky).

Note:(I understand most of this is the writers views and not necessarily facts. Sorry if my oppinions offend anyone)
1. XnewbX: Hey guys, I have one more part to do for my tier 0.5 quest!!
Koruptwon: Quit while your ahead...
2. Yes! I just got my Sorcerer's mantle from my tier 0.5 quest! Oh, wtf my backup gear is better than this shit..
3. Damn.. that tier 0.5 quest line was a huge waste.. Now I want to skull fuck someone in the asshole
by Koruptwon August 09, 2006
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