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An vulgar insult used to degrade.

The name Thuda dates back over 20 years. For the last two decades, being called a "Thuda" is one of the worst insults on the planet. Where did Thuda come from and what does it mean? Here is the story....

Back in the mid 1980's lived a young man with the last name of Thuda. Thuda attended Battle Creek Central High School in Battle Creek, MI (United States). One day during gym class, he got the wise idea that he could snap pictures of his fellow classmates in the shower. Thuda was not planning on breaking into the girl's locker room, but rather staying put in the boy's locker room to satisfy his own homo-erotic fantasies. He was caught in the act of snapping the pictures by his classmates and beat to a pulp.

Worse than the beating he took was what happened next. His name became the worst insult one could deliver in the Battle Creek area. To call someone a "Thuda" guaranteed a fight. No man wanted the tag of Thuda. Over the years, Thuda has spread to all corners of the earth. Thuda is now an international insult.

He is a Thuda.

What the he** did you do that for? That was a real Thuda move.

F**k off, Thuda!

Look at all the Thuds up in this joint.

Yeah, he is an a**hole. He probably has a degree from Thuda-versity.

by chiefwes September 14, 2006
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