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To engage in penetrative genito-genital or genito-anal sexual intercourse to climax three times, in fairly close succession (such that it can be considered one session or takes place over one night). Not necessarily interpreted literally, but rather used figuratively to emphasize the relative hot-ness of the act itself or the person(s) involved, i.e. not once, not twice, but thrice.
E.g.: "My God, I would thrice lay him!" or "You totally thrice laid my ex-..."
Originally appears in an exchange between Gandhi and Geldemore of Clone High - S01E09-- Geldemore: "... As a reward for your bravery and leadership, I shall thrice lay you." Gandhi: "Uhhh, that's—, that's cool. But {cough} I'm good."
by Homo-Sapiens Pseudonymensis February 10, 2015
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