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When you meet a girl at the bar and sleep with her and then decide it would be bad of you to not see her again. You then proceed to date her for 3 months.
Q: Wow is that your girlfriend?
A: WHAT?!?! No! I picked her up from the bar three months ago...its just a three month stand.
by threemonthstand September 25, 2011
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the mix between a 1 night stand and a relationship
Person A : Gonna bag me a trophy gf I say gf cuz I refuse to end up like tiger and Wana take the jeter route, instead of memorabilia in the car service ill leave plan b and the number to a psychologist, and to the really lucky ones id like Time to b driving the limo in the morning, roll down the divider and give the chick a life lesson and make her rethink her state of being

Logical Person B : Haha so how is this a gf again?

The Voice of reason : seems more like a 3 month stand without the worry of having to give her ride home
and Person A values pillow talk.. you have pillow talk with a gf, not with a 1 night stand
but thats why three month stands are appealing, you get what you want from the physical part and the emotional part, without actual commitment
by voice of reason using logic December 21, 2011
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