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Three Flags Up is a local variant of the game "Three Flies Up" played on schoolyards in Cayucos, California. The game consits of one or more "throwers" who toss a foam rubber ball into the air to a team of three or more "flaggers". If the ball is caught then the catcher recieves a "flag"(point). Once a flagger recieves three flags, they get to become a thrower, or in games with multiple throwers, they get to choose which thrower they want to replace. If the flagger drops the ball, then the ball is still in play and whoever recovers it gets a flag. Moreover, the flagger who dropped the ball has to take the "walk of shame", where he stands facing a wall and the flagger who recoverd the ball gets to thow it at any part of their body, except the head. The flagger who is throwing the ball may choose just to hit the wall instead of the player. A caught ball may also be wrestled away from the catcher at any time up until the catcher is ready to throw it, thus stealing the flag for oneself. The most comon type of ball used is a foam rubber football, however conceivably any ball of a relative softness can be used.
Ah man I hate playing three flags up!
by Kellmeister January 30, 2007
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