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third |θərd| day |dā| delay |diˈlā|

to refrain from calling a girl for 3 days after she shares her phone number in an attempt "play it cool" and not seem overly eager to get laid.

• call loitering; phone procrastination; dilly-dally-dialing, ring-a-ling-lolly-gag
guy1: "Yo bro, I just got this fly girl's digits.....should I call her up tonight?"

guy 2: "Nah, man, you gotta wait out that third day delay, dumbass. Make her sweat it out and wonder about you, dude."

guy: "Hey baby, can I get your number?"

hot girl: "Sure, but f that third day delay bull shit, you better call me tomorrow."
by gdd00 August 05, 2011
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