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The ridge diner, located in Park Ridge new jersey has been taken over by Montvalers. Suck it Bitches. The ridge is the hangout for virtually every single person between the ages of 10-20 within a 700 mile radius. with the ocational red hat society group Numerious things go on there, such as braking up with your boyfriend over a horrible voice mail. (bitch!) or trashing people behind their backs. (whores)
so in other words the Ridge Diner is one of the coolest places of earth....yeah.
The food may suck (besides the awesomely awesome curly fries and malt drinks) BEWARE! of the crazy waitresses. There Crazy...yeah.

OMG guys! lets go to the ridge diner and eat out feelings while trashing that bitch Christine from school.
by bitchen3345 January 08, 2008
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