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The line project is a project helping In identifying suicial and depressed people. On July 5th-10th we will wear lines on our L E F T. W R I S T. Red meaning you struggle with self harm. Blue meaning you have or have had depression. Orange meaning you have any sort of anxiety. Green means you are bullied or have been bullied. Pink on your L E F T Wrist along the other colors means that you support. Pink on your R I G H T wrist means that you are recovered or recovering, Black means you have tried to commit suicide or have thought about committing suicide. If you see someone with a coma on their arm this means they think this is where their life ends but it could go on. If you see someone with a x-ed out infinitely sign on their arm it means that person doesn't want to live for ever.
Person A- are you a Line Particapater?

Person B- what's that?

Person A- You don't know what the Line Project is? LOOK IT UP....
by I am suffering February 13, 2017
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