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The Gillis Principle outlines the proportionality between the amounts of mountain dew and marijuana that would kill an average human.

Mathematically, 1 Gillis (Gi) is the unit of either substance (Marijuana or Mountain Dew) that would kill a human when consumed within an hour. Both substances have calculated conversion rates based on experimental data.

Mountain Dew: 8823mg Caffeine = ~173 cans = 61L = 1Gi/Hour
Marijuana: 68000g THC = 971 000 Joints = 1Gi/Hour

It can be concluded using the Gillis Principle that Mountain Dew has a far higher lethality rate than Marijuana.
Friend 1: "Hey, did you hear? Jared smoked himself to death last night."
Friend 2: "Yeah that must've been a Gillis-ton of weed!"
Friend 1: "Using the Gillis Principle, that was like 971 000 Joints."
by PolChan December 06, 2014
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