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the worst fucking place to work ever.

if you feel like wanting to kill yourself while you dine, or after your 10 hour shift, go to coffee shop.
you work at the the coffee shop at union square?
i thought only models worked there?
well,i mean, you could be a part time model!

"would you like fries or salad with that?"

"can i sub fruit?"



"we dont do substitutions on brunch"



"can i have a side of bacon with my eggs?"

"sure for 5 dollars"


(french table)
= no tip.

(ghetto table)
= i asked for my burger well done.
im not tipping you. even though i wasnt going to anyway.. oh and can i have a straw with my water? and lemon
and a pickle and xtra mayo. and crispy bacon. and kool aid? do you have free refils?
by nikki gregs August 14, 2008
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