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A super hero that gives hope to sales clerks and customer service representatives everywhere.

The Clerk Defender finds those that choose to be outrageous assholes to the fine people in customer service. He knows these assholes feel secure in the knowledge these poor customer service bastards are either too timid to stand up for themselves, or more likely do not want to lose their job.

The Clerk Avenger does not fear losing his job.

The Clerk Avenger brutally sodomizes assholes with a jaggedly broken 2" thick broom handle. He then leaves them to contemplate what life decisions they have made to warrant such a horrible fate.

Some say the Clerk Avenger is a menace! A Vigilante!

Some say The Clerk Avenger has no right to be a one man judge, jury, and sodomizer.

Those people are assholes. And should watch out......

For the Clerk Avenger.
Asshole: "I went to Home Depot the other day and told the kid on the sales floor his job was shit and so was he. Then I demanded a product that I effectively described as a thing that does a thing. He didn't know what I meant, because he was an idiot and I told him so. For some reason a man in spandex beat me and sodomized me with a big piece of splintery wood. Why would such a thing happen to me?"

Asshole's friend (who's probably an asshole too): "That happened to me the other day. It was The Clerk Avenger!"
by Corwin Mhael December 26, 2013
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