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GTA IV new downloadable episode on the xbox live marketplace.the ballad of gay tony(TBoGT) takes the role of LUIS lopez (the character we see in the black and white jacket on niko bellic's story mission "the 3 leaf clover" or other words the mission where you must rob the bank with pakie and his brother and where we last see in that one mission where you exchange the mobsters daughter for ray's diamonds).TBoGT IS THE FIRST GTA story where you play as a hispanic character,luis lopez who is a part time hoodlum and full time assistant for tony prince or gay tony.
the ballad of gay tony will be available for dlc on xboxlive marketplace for 1600 microsoft points or 20$ on october 29 2009. and also on cd with the lost and damned(for 40$)on the same date this version will not require gta iv cd to play it but only the dlc version will need it
by TiTyRon October 30, 2009
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