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Called ASD, it is by far the worst school ever.

It contains girls who think they're awesome but they really aren't. I only know two girls who are actually cool there. Most of them think that aeropostale is the most fashionable brand (hint: it's not) and are hideous with glasses.

The guys are all obsessed with video games and computer programming (I know, wtf?)
Most people at ASD are Indians who think they're attractive/cool but in fact are not. The academics are great but socially it's the worst school ever (I mean seriously? There were like 15 graduates last year!!!!!!!). Also the teachers there are extremely biased.
Person 1: Have you heard of the Academy for Science and Design?
Person 2: Yeah, isn't that the smart person school?
Person 1: Uh huh, but the people are annoying.
by tickkkkyy January 22, 2015
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