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States that light bends around unicorns, and that light was created form them. the colors that you see right now were created by a unicorn. colors are one of the many things that unicorns have created such as bacon, Nutella, double rainbows, and nun-chuck wielding cats wearing bandannas.

Person 1: dude, have you ever wondered what made the colors?
Person 2: Go...
Person 3: no because I am well versed in unicornal philosophy, you should know this I was a unicornal philosophy major in college. unicorns created light. isn`t obvious. the unicorn light principle explains it very well.
Person 2: what the actual fuck are you talking about?!?!
Person 3: STFU! im a unicornal philosophy major! what the fuck are you!
Person 2: a christa...
Person 3: that`s what I thought; FUCKING atheist!
by Unicorn_Philosopher1202 October 21, 2013
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