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A sexual experience/encounter of such an unbelievably intense magnitude that you cannot even comprehend it. No one has ever survived being shown the budge way except the budge himself, even the spectators are put in a persistent vegetative state just by seeing it.

because of the lack of evidence, most people believe that the budge way is a thing of legend. Others say "budge is love, budge is life". The budges rape face alone can make a bear instantly lose its virginity. some have claimed that the budge is omnipresent, others say he is only were he needs to be.....

some people have tried worshipping the budge, with the hope he will reveal to them the secrets of the budge way. Within 3 days of converting to budgelam they go missing. There have been claims that people have seen the budge fly out their window during the night, with one of his new victims. One man said he had the body of a dragon and three rabbit heads, others said he had the body of a sparrow and the head of a zebra.
(what someone says after experiencing the budge way)
(what someone says after witnessing the budge way)
(what the budge thinks while performing the budge way)

id go into detail on what happens when you are shown the budge way, but im afraid there are no countries in the world were that would be legal, as i would be charged with multiple accounts of manslaughter.
by THE BUDGE April 17, 2014
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