Fucking anime thot, blue ass watery ass piece of shit. Horrible goddess, has way too much hentai of her. Do not respect at all. If you see the blue thing anywhere, whether it be the internet, real life, in a book for some reason, just make sure to either run away, close the tab, burn the book, and all in all do whatever you can to destroy this piece of scum. Treat her like the bitch she is since thats what she deserves.
Joe: Hey yuri do you wanna see this picture of my Waifu her names Aqua
Yuri: Sure
Joe: (pulls up picture of the blue thing)
Yuri: Get that shit outta here (takes phone, deletes all photos Joe has saved of the blue thing and throws it to the ground) You piece of human shit, why are you so fucking insufferable to have the fucking blue thing as your waifu?You are a fucking disgrace to all weebs there are!
by I fucked a pussy that shit wet November 26, 2019
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