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a hilarious show that used to be aired on nickelodeon starring amanda bynes. it was my favorite show before it was canceled. on the amanda show they basically did spoofs and skits, like pass the skunk, the literals, moodys point (soap opera spoof about a girl who lives with her dad who is missing a toe, because her mother is lost in a hot air balloon), a hillbilly moment, totally kyle, the simians, and judge trudy. they also have the dancing lobsters, people in lobster suits that waltz in and start dancing every time amanda says "bring in the dancing lobsters." and lets not forget penelope, amandas biggest fan. she always says "please" after every sentence. drake bell and josh peck were also on the show, drake in a hillbilly moment, totally kyle, and other skits. josh was mr oldman, on judge trudy, and also in other skits.
person 1:today i was watching the amanda show. have you seen so you wanna win five dollars?
person 2:yeah! i love that skit!
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