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A sixth emotion to go with those other five new internet emotions: The desire to share something with everyone but the inability to personally send it to them characterized by the cognitive dissonance arising from wanting to share something that is either hilarious or horrifying (or both at the same time) concomitant with the pride, shame and eventual jaded let-down of realizing one has been on the internet for way, the fuck, too long.
- "I want to share 1 man 1 jar, but I can't because I fear the social ramifications. I really want to share it, but I also realize people won't "get" it, and the fact that I find it horrible, interesting, relevant and worthy of sharing despite it's abominable nature, I find disconcerting. I wish there was a way to describe that ambiguous feeling... "

-" Don't worry dude, you're just experiencing the 4chan effect."
by LazloH0-fan2 January 21, 2011
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