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The inexplicable sending of texts or SMS messages in two to four-word fragments, exasperating the recipient. Someone who text-sputters usually sends instant messages on the Internet the same way, and fires off e-mails without salutations, sign-off, or even the quote feature. Indecipherable txtese thrown in for good measure is par for the course. Often can't be bothered with punctuation, and also favors writing in either all caps or all lower case. The kind of person who initiates first-time conversations with strangers with the word "and."
MICK: hey went to
tower records n
bought 3 CDs
2day thn I
pckd up dzn
rss 4
Rosalita then i

ROSALITA: This IS Rosalita. Can't wait for the flowers, but please consolidate the text sputter!

MICK: sorry I
didn't mean
to, will work
by February 07, 2010
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