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Letting the other person text you first, sometimes going a day or two before the other person decides to hit you up. Very popular after an argument or dis-agreement of some sort.

1. when you are texting on your phone and purposely, decide not to text back or reply at all for the rest of the day/night. 2. If someone is texting someone else first everyday and decides one day not to text first or even text at all that day. 3. A person receiving the text messages from another person and reading them but purposely not replying to them because they are mad or dont feel like texting with them. However they are still texting with other people and not that specific person they do not wanna reply too.
I havnt talk text to her since last night i decided to go on a text strike just to see if she would hit me up first
by joe mcporno March 14, 2011
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