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the lamest most retarded thing anyone can ever do with a cell phone.
text message break up scenario: when kelly was broken up with via text message, she went alanis morrisette on her ex bf foreva, betch!
by kelly, betch! June 15, 2007
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to break up with someone via a text message. Highly looked down upon in the dating world.
"You cant text message breakup with her, no girls will ever date you again"
by Gtron December 27, 2006
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Recent statistics also show text message breakups automatically lower testosterone levels by 50%.

The Dreaded T.M.B:
"Hey bby I'm sorry but I don't think this is working out."

Congratulations, dumbass! You broke up with somebody though a text message... and you still have the nerve to call them baby in the same message you used to break up with them? Wow. Amazing. You did a 2 in 1!

...So now this chick is crying because she got the most devastating text message that has ever been sent to her sidekick. She reads the text message and calls him back.


So then, this dumbass doesn't pick up the phone but he sends another text message.


So... the chick gets mad and she sends a 9 page message that contains at least 2 curse words per sentence... In ALL
CAPS... but no matter what the message says... it always ends in these words: "YOU'LL BE SORRY! " >=

you can't forget the mad plays a very important role in a text message break up

...Genius isn't it?
by anti-TMB campagin August 20, 2009
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The lowest of the low. Quite possibly the best way to let all your soon-to-be angry ex's friends know you have no balls.
(True Story)
Girl: I think we're doing great, I'm going to his house this weekend!
Friend: Aww, that's sweet! You guys are perfect for each other!
Girl: I know! He's the greatest!
-girl's phone vibrates-
Boy (In Text): Hey... Umm... I'm sorry but this isn't working out. I like it better when we where friends.
Girl: WHAT THE F%^&#?!?!
Friend: What?
Friend: What a loser!
by Tananadadada January 07, 2009
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When a boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't have the guts to breakup in person so they end up sending a text saying they're breaking up. Similar to the email breakup where you breakup over email.
She's a bitch! She just broke up with me in a text message. That's so low!

I know man. The Text Message Breakup is the worst.
by Jack, November 30, 2008
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The ultimate sign of disrespect in the modern world. Might as well slap them across the face with their own hand made belt that used their own back skin. Then you will also be looked down upon by your friends and you ex's friends for most likely. Ever.
text message breakup:::::: that man ho he txt msg BO with me. (army of people with weapons outside of his house) @!#$@#$@# you #$%%%$
by Jake ST January 07, 2008
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1. To send a text message breaking up with someone. Generally not a good idea, as you have no idea if they're out of service of if their phone is broken.

2. To rip out a girls heart.
1. Text : "Hey im breaking up wit u"

2. OMG, Sean just sent me a text message breakup!
by Bexxi_Breakdown June 10, 2009
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