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Firstly, it is tenter hooks, not tender hooks. It means waiting with anxiety. Tenter is a rack for drying cloth and a tenter hook is a nail with an upward curve on which the cloth is hung.
I was on tenter hooks until the test results arrived. Tender hooks do not exist and if they did, they would ne inefective because they are tender.
by Bernie Dworkin August 09, 2009
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To keep on edge, anxious. From the Blur song 'Tender' which is featured on the album 13. A 'Tender-hook' refers to the fact that the 'hook' of the song is merely a build-up to next song on the album 'Bugman', which is a far more cathartic expression of distorted electric guitars. It is also an updated version of the archaic phrase "tenterhooks" used by pedant pricks who simply have no fun when it comes to language. I mean, just who do you think you are? An 18th century dressmaker? Get over yourself, grandad.
Jimmy loved Blur so was on tenderhooks at the new Blur song coming out. Unfortunately, they disbanded so Jimmy killed himself.
by Sir Rupert Hume de Chardin III December 03, 2018
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