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When two techies (straight, gay, lesbian, whatever) are in a relationship, which is usually frowned upon by their fellow techies and tech directors. Why? Look at the example.
Bob and Lisa are techies and are dating....

2 weeks later in tech..

Bob: *crying* wahhhh, I can't concentrate, I can't believe we broke up, she went with THAT actor wahhhhhh.

Techie 1: Ughh, Bob shut up and start working, we have to finish this set! It will never be done by tomorrow if you keep crying!

Bob: I can't! I CAN'T do this anymore!!! *runs off crying*

New Techie: Where is Lisa anyway?

Techie 1: She's with the actor dude.

New Techie: Ohhhh...

Techie 1: See new techie, this is why we don't like it when two techies date, it's techie incest and it's wrong, it messes everyone up.

New Techie: Ohhhh, I will listen to you, oh master!

Note: Techie incest is not really incest. - Jessica
by BleachFreak July 10, 2008
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A term used by theater kids. Techie incest is when two techies date.

Note: It is NOT incest. It's just frowned upon by fellow techies and some theater directors.
Techie 1: *sees a techie couple holding hands in the hallway* Ughh, techie incest!

Couple: It's not incest! Whatevers.
by BleachFreak July 12, 2008
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