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When one man is being sucked off by a woman, another man is doing her from behind while the two men engage in arm wrestling. Other variations include a magnetic chess board with suction cups.
Hey dude that "flat back" looks perfect for team compete!!
by Spencer T Davis July 07, 2008
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Xbox Live Team Play Nirvana. Where you go to 'drop in and drop out' with other Live gamers. From the Latin "Team" and the Greek "Compete" it means where teams go to compete, i.e. TeamCompete. Big on campuses throught the world and held together by the gamers love of the digital rush they receive from head to head competition with the best teams in the galaxy.
"Meet me at TC for a match". "We play on Team Compete, challenge us there". "Team Compete is our gaming home for Xbox Live games".
by RapidRoy September 24, 2004
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