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1. Someone who picks up ugly, fat or just really stupid people at a club, 'cause anything more would be a strike out.

2. Someone in their twenties who dates teeny-boppers, 'cause everyone around their own age knows they're a jack-off.

3. One who gets by in life by taking what life gives them and putting forth little effort to do any better. Effectively skimming from life the shit that floats to the surface.
1. Dude, check out that ass-clown gino at the bar with all the orcas! What a disgraceful tard skimmer.

2. How old is Warren? 24? How old's his girl? 15? Brutal. What a tard skimmer!

3. What a lazy prick Dave is. Dude's 28 and still gets allowance. Fucking tard skimmer.
by Callum Mako April 10, 2004
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