the most hysterical TV show in the world. It's this crazy old lady who must be like, 40 million years old, and she gives people advice on their sexual problems, or answers questions she has. She gives you her personal opinion on which sex toys are best, and sometimes when she's telling someone how a certain position works, she uses these posable dolls. SO FUCKING FUNNY!!! The best show to watch when there's nothing else on.
You will die of laughter when you hear how serious sue says the word "clitoris," "rim job," and so on. Its on at 11pm on Fridays @ Oxygen. WATCH IT!
by Tinkerbelll April 28, 2004
This describes when one is getting really serious. It comes from the show "Real sex talk with Sue" where an inappropriately old lady gives sex advice that is very graphic.
Things are getting real sex talk with sue in here!
by Savvy1 November 10, 2010