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The meaning of Tadunt tadunt. If a woman or man calls you this.
A tadunt tadunt means your a dumbass. Means you are letting someone use you or purposely take advantage of you knowing what they are doing. You are accepting of being used and bring it on yourself. You find yourself getting used and abused all the time. However you feel this is healthy to you but you still get cheated on, used, abused, and emotionally SCREWED. But you like it.
A tadunt tadunt often gets stuck in this mode and when a good man or woman comes around they often "PUSH" this person away with their lame ass excuses on why they need to be around people that misuse them.
A tadunt tadunt often feels connected to the one that treats them like SHIT the most.
Tadunt tadunt like Chris has broken up with his girlfriend Lisa and they are friends now.
However, Chris pays for all Lisa's bills and Lisa has a new boyfriend.
Chris feels that he is her friend and that's what friends do. Lisa
sleeps only with her new boyfriend and treats Chris like crap.
by Tascha January 24, 2006
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