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Where one or more guys decide to rape a guy to prevent them telling others about events that preceded it. Doing this is statistically sound as the overwhelming majority of rapes are unreported, thus in efforts to internalize the trauma of the rape, he will also internalize the damaging information he learned prior to the rape.
After Kyle witnessed Jim and Bill make an awkward high five where the hands never quite match and no cupping sound is heard, Jim and Bill decided that Kyle was likely to tell people about this embarrassing event and thus they had to engage in a tactical rape to keep Kyle quiet and keep their status as cool kids.
by Tom3457mofo July 23, 2012
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When you rape someone but set it up so that it up so it looks like like it's not rape. ( Similar to I Can't Believe It's Not Rape!)


As in CoD: When one pwns another with godlike precision but in a sneaky way for a whole round. (Spawn camping does NOT qualify)
Charlie: If I record her giving consent on my phone and put it on the internet before I rape her is that ok?

Jim: Yes because that would be Tactical Rape.

noob: I can't even kill this guy, I'm dead before I even see him.

another noob: He probably plays Counterstrike a lot so you just got tactical raped.
by Tonecrush March 13, 2011
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