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Tacky Tan Boi (Boy) is a term used for one of the nerdiest student in your biology class. It basically defines someone as a cheap person, who loves Tans and Tanlines, tall and obsessed with Kpop even though he/she doesn’t know them. It can either be boy or girl and can have a variety of terms. Such as for a girl you have Tacky Tanny Tan. This usual person is obsessed with Computer Engineering and is part of a band (usually answers can vary.)
1: Your such a Tacky Tan Boi, why are you so cheap!

2: Stop tanning, your a Tacky Tan Boi Addict aren’t you.
3: Stop wasting your time to code Tacky Tan Boi
by Tacky Tan Boi July 23, 2018
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