The emote of someone giving the finger. Used as a calm, non-nutritive reply to a troll, (usually on a MMO/MMORPG)or just something to piss people off. Whether a _ or a . is used for the mouth is completely optional.
~xXNonTrollFeedahXx:wtf man
~BobbyJoe56: fuck that lol *trollface*
~xXNonTrollFeedahXx: t(-_-t) or t(-.-t)
~BobbyJoe56: . . .
by xXEmoteQueenXx January 19, 2011
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A word that you write in the google (or Bing, I don't judge) search box when you are maximally desperate and maximally bored to find the name of a song that you like but don't know it's name.
Person 1: Hey! I like this song, do you know it's name?
Person 2: No, but have you tried typing t t t ttt t tt ttt in the google search box?
Person 1: That's absolutely stupid!, I will.
by Snowy 4 April 29, 2020
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