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Sylvester is that one mother fucker that never gets his way because he is an asshole. He would do stuff like beat people with baseball bats and what ever he finds he also annoyed Elmer fudd and never can catch a retarded bird and Mexican mouse Sylvester also is hated by every cartoon character in the Looney tunes show and has a retarded sloppy voice
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by A strange hobo January 13, 2018
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Sylvester is one of the coolest cartoon characters of all time Sylvester has a very sloppy voice but Sylvester the cat isn't a character who gets what he wants he would starve get blown up and more he is mostly known because of tweety bird and speedy Gonzales but he also is known for being a coward that is scared of everything with porky pig just like Luigi from the mario series and he would also hang out with his son Sylvester Jr
Sylvester the cat is a cool cartoon character
by A strange hobo January 17, 2018
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