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Spirit group which was located at Will C Wood High school in Vacaville, California in the 2006/2007 school year. The group had several meanings to the members however it's actual meaning or purpose was never explained to the WCW Population. In fact this was actually due to the meaning itself.

Swoops for days within the group literally meant to steal someones marijuana. Or to screw up the rotation when having a pot smoking session.

However this was not always the case. Before it's creation swoops for days was a reference to an incident where one may have been trying to steal someones girlfriend. This gave the individual "Swoops for days". However as more people were added and the group was formed it was clear that the phrase was being used as more of a drug reference. Thus it was decided to obtain the drug reference meaning.
"He took more than two hits from the blunt... he's got Swoops for Days!"

"Damn he went on a date with her while she still has a boyfriend? Shit he's like an eagle.. he's got swoops for days!"

by PBBGJD August 04, 2007
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