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Worst creation yet from the voltron fandom, also experiencing a huge rise in popularity (apparently I'm not the only one who likes pain) ;The most horrifying thing I've ever seen. Brought me to the brink of death, which is always a good thing. If you don't get this ask tumblr. But be warned seeing The Swiss has been know to cause: blindness in one or both eyes, questioning ones existence and suicidal tendencies.
Member of voltron fandom: Dude, you have got to see this! It's amazing and u won't regret it I swear
Some innocent soul(me): sure! Why the hell not
Member of voltron fandom: * turns their cursed device toward u *
Some innocent soul(me): * 4 yrs later and slightly blinded in both eyes* LONG LIVE SWISS ROLL SHIRO
by A cool dude I swear May 27, 2017
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