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A term in Halo 2. It is where you take a sniper rifle, zoom in and aim at the head. Aim to the right or left a little with the right thumbstick(don't move). Now hold in the opposite direction and press R. If done correctly, you will headshot the enemy, provided that you hit R at the right time. It was first seen in a video on the internet where the author called it "swipe sniping". It is called swipe sniping because you "swipe" the reticle in the opposite direction. It has no in-game benefits whatsoever, but to claim that Halo 1 takes more skill than Halo 2, given that Halo 2 had way more auto-aim than Halo 1 did.
Name1:I like Halo 1 better than Halo 2. It takes more skill.
Name2:But it was all about the pistol!
Name1:Oh yeah? How about swipe snipe, Energy sword, Rocket lock-on, Lunging melee, etc?
Name2:But Halo 2 has Xbox Live!
Name1:How many more stupid arguments will you pull out of your ass?
by NightShade25 April 04, 2006
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