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Now mostly replaced by Internet bulletin boards and sites like Craig's List, these ads were placed in swingers magazines to publicize that men and/or their wives or significant others were available for sex with other couples or individuals. The ads, which were often accompanied by pornographic and near-pornographic photos of the female showing all but her face, usually described the physical attributes of the female and laid down the conditions under which such couplings were desirable.
When Bonnie and Mike were newlyweds and beginning to explore their mutual sexual fantasies and kinks, Mike pressured Bonnie to OK a swingers ad being placed in a magazine to see what kind of results they'd get. The ad read like this:

Headline: Lonely, Sex Starved, Cock Sucking, Cum Swallowing Wife

Body: 22 years old, 5’2”, 100 lbs., blue eyed blonde with great legs and hot ass to work with and small pleasure toy tits to suck and slap and bruise, ISO dominant Alpha-type men with 7 to 9 inch cocks to go out with on fuck, suck and swallow dates while passive hubby jacks off at home, then be dumped off to tearful limp cock hubby afterwards for hot, dirty detailed confessions of all her sins, while hubby lovingly forgives her and submissively cleans up the mess her date has made of her.
by July41944 August 03, 2009
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