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to succeed by achieving through ambition. refers to using a talent or skill which u possess, that you're in line with (as in mind, body, and spirit), by working hard to put your thoughts into action, so that u may reap what u sow in a bounty plentiful way that is @ odds with natural law by willingness to sacrifice because of your faith. the sweat is the first fruits of your labor, cause the only way up is down so u getting down on that level, working up a great deal of perspiration so that u may rise up to the vision u seek to attain, to connect & balance truth & reality. its a positive acknowledgment, visible sightings of a visual you, its where faith and destiny agreed to meet up, set the stage, pull the curtains back and shine a light on you. so keep doing what u do! it can be used as a descriptive word or enhancer, an adv., an adj., a verb, a noun, or any positive expression like "straight", "thats was upp" & "act like u knew", so pretty much all parts of speech without changing form of lettering. like a f****** super hero of word world
A: yeah, if he stays sweaty grindin' on his sweaty grindin' grind, he's goin' be famous, no doubt !

B: shit, he already sounds famous! he could use a lil tweak of upgraded ability, like some state of the art equipment!

A. yeah, he's maxing out the extending best to sell his vision to a dream weaver to mentor him to transformation beyond his limit of imagination

B. he's goin' make it happen, his work speaks for itself, them some sweaty grindin' sweet beats i hear, man, i'm a believer!
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