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A swagger ninja is a person with so much swagger you can't deny it. It's very strong when you're in the presence of a swagger ninja. To become a swagger ninja, you have to take a test. There are only 6 swagger ninja's known to the world right now.
Damn, jen-gaga b.cata mligz lil't kris10 and tdauph have so much swagger, they must be swagger ninjas!
by woah swagger ninja May 02, 2010
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Swagger Ninjas is something you cant define, unless you are one. It is very hard to become one so keep trying? or consult B cata jen-gaga mligz lil't Kris10 & tdauph. They have so muuch swagger no one can compare to them
Swagger ninjas is just unexplainable
by mysteriousss May 05, 2010
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